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Next-Level Report Engine by Telerik Reporting

With R1 2021, we continue to enhance the Telerik Reporting Report Engine: 

  • It is now much easier to implement form type reports by setting a design-time background of the form itself to easily recreate it using the corresponding report items. By default, this background will be invisible when running the report. The other update that makes it much easier to mimic a particular form in a report is the cross-section item.
  • We added industry-leading vector representation of SVG images in PDF documents.
  • We improved the stability of the report pagination and as a bonus introduced the ability to dynamically change the height of the PageHeader and PageFooter sections using Bindings.

Reporting Cross Section Item

Support for .NET 5 Official

With the first release of 2021, Telerik Reporting ships support for .NET 5 Official, which includes WPF Report Viewer, WinForms Report Viewer and Report Web Service, to support web apps of any flavor. For an easy getting-started experience, we extended the demo projects in the product installer to cover all these technologies. In this way, Telerik Reporting continues the trend of following and covering all new technologies originating in the Microsoft stack. 

Support for .NET Official - Telerik Reporting

Enhanced Web Report Designer Plus Visual Studio Integration

With R1 2021, the Web Report Designer functionality is further developed nearing the capabilities of the Standalone Desktop Report Designer: 

  • The Table item now comes with basic tooling to apply row and column changes to an existing item.
  • The Map item features a new item setup wizard for an easy getting-started experience. 
  • The CSV data source wizard now supports all properties of the respective component. 
  • For easier integration into web applications, the Visual Studio extension now includes a dedicated New Item template that adds all the necessary project resources and dependencies for you.


Enhanced Report Engine - Telerik Reporting

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