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New Features in Web Report Designer in Telerik Reporting

Web Report Designer, featuring an easy to use environment, is the latest addition to the report designers’ suite of Telerik Reporting. Its rearranged and improved layout of the tool windows, properties area and wizards provide fast and effective report authoring process that outputs declarative report definitions in proprietary XML-based report format. The designer is a pure JavaScript widget, which cooperates with a dedicated Web API REST service that can be integrated in .NET Framework or .NET Core applications. 

With R3 2020, Web Report Designer is further developed with dedicated wizards for new WebService, JSON and CSV data sources. Additionally, the Properties Area received new, clearer layout improving the overall designer experience.

New Features in Web Report Designer in Telerik Reporting

New WPF Report Viewer Theme

WPF Report Viewer in Telerik Reporting is always built with the latest Telerik WPF controls and naturally benefits from their new features. In R3 2020 we added Office 2019 to the list of supported themes. It comes in three variations: Light, Dark and Gray that will give a refreshed look to your WPF application. 

New WPF Report Viewer Theme

SVG Images Support in Telerik Reporting

With R3 2020, the developers and report creators will be able to render not only bitmap (raster) images using a PictureBox item, but also SVG (vector) images. SVG images support in Telerik Reporting enables avoiding pixelized look when previewing reports even when zoomed. The vector output is also preserved in all exported document formats that support it like DOCX, HTML5, etc.

 SVG Images Support in Telerik Reporting

Report Preview Cancelling in Telerik Reporting

Often the report creation ends up with extensive reports, which require significant amount of rendering time. With R3 2020, Telerik Reporting introduces an option to cancel the particular report generation to spare server resources for other requests.

Report Preview Cancelling  in Telerik Reporting

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