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Fiddler Everywhere

Release History

Fiddler Everywhere v5.9.0

May 10, 2024

Version 5.9.0

  • Add a search option for request and response body content when searching in sessions and streaming messages
  • Add a new column in the sessions grid - "Session State", indicating whether the session is opened or closed
  • Rename "Protocol" session column to "Scheme". Add new "Protocol" session column with values to allow filtering streaming sessions
  • Add automatic Zstandard (zstd) decryption of sessions using such compression
  • Add user prompt to disable video hardware acceleration in case application UI crashes on startup
  • Add hint to open messages in streaming sessions (e.g. WebSocket, gRPC) in the response inspector
  • Update third party dependencies to fix security issues
  • Do not capture streaming sessions (e.g. gRPC) if "Ignore certificate errors" option is off and there is a problem with the server certificate
  • Adding a cookie description is not persisted in saved Composer requests
  • Live sessions tab might show older sessions as new when after lot of sessions have been captured
  • Performance issues if trying to capture a lot of concurrent sessions
  • Shared rules can become duplicated when opened by the receiving user
  • UI fixes related to updated application look
  • Application crash in some cases when physical network adapters change on macOS
  • State of word wrap inspectors toggle is not persisted
  • Update ciphers for encryption of saved, shared and exported .saz file - you need to update passwords to apply the new encryption

Fiddler Everywhere

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