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Fiddler Everywhere

Release History

Fiddler Everywhere v5.4.0

January 24, 2024

Version 5.4.0

  • Add SocketIO decoding for WebSocket sessions
  • Add session breakpoints that pause the execution of any session before the request or response is sent and allow for making changes to the raw headers and body data manually
  • Update application font and icons for better readability on displays that use scaling
  • Remove most of the automatic coloring in the sessions grid and move the coloring logic to rules match conditions. A ruleset that mimics the previous session colors behavior is available on request


  • Network capturing sometimes does not show local IPv6 connections on macOS
  • Multiple cookie headers in Composer requests not handled correctly when updating their cookie values
  • Adding form data body content in Composer requests sometimes generates wrong request "Content-Type" header
  • Session filters might not work correctly if there are custom columns for both request and response headers using the same header name
  • Copy as cURL context menu action in sessions grid does not work on some POST requests with form data
  • Application crash in specific cases when the user's subscription is updated
  • Apply security fixes for third-party dependencies

Fiddler Everywhere

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