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Fiddler Everywhere

Release History

Fiddler Everywhere v5.13.0

July 3, 2024

Version 5.13.0

  • Add indication for "Final" actions in rules. When a rule with a "Final" action is executed, no further rule actions or rules will be processed for that session.
  • Improve color picker components for the Mark Session action in the Rule Editor
  • Allow importing .SAZ session snapshots in the Rules tab, creating a Rule for each session in the file


  • Automatic scroll in Live Traffic sessions list is not reactivated when you manually scroll to the bottom of the list, preventing you from seeing newly added sessions
  • Unable to focus the Update Body Action text area in the Rule Editor dialog
  • Rules are updated slowly when there are large actions or a lot of rules in the list
  • Inconsistent behavior when adding rules from the Live Traffic tab by selecting multiple sessions
  • Update third-party dependencies to mitigate security issues
  • UI fixes for the network capture dialog on macOS


Fiddler Everywhere

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