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Fiddler Everywhere

Release History

Fiddler Everywhere v5.11.0

June 6, 2024

Version 5.11.0

  • Add advanced replay options for single or multiple sessions, including the ability to reissue them either in sequence or in parallel
  • Add notification for successfully deleted ruleset
  • Improved macOS upstream proxy support when using a PAC script or WPAD
  • Add support for macOS upstream proxy set by a global policy

  • Rules not working for gRPC sessions headers
  • Small UI fixes for icon colors, search placeholders, and autocomplete suggestions
  • Saving/Exporting/Sharing sessions from the Sessions toolbar takes into account applied search and filters when it should not
  • The "Install Now" button is not visible in the release notes dialog when a new version is downloaded
  • The magnifier icon in the certificate details dialog does not expand HEX data when clicked
  • Opening a new tab in an instrumented browser shows advertising settings configuration pop-up
  • Slow responsiveness of Overview tab when lots of sessions are selected
  • Some rule actions are not applied for for CONNECT session
  • Selecting and deselecting lots of sessions can slow down the UI for several seconds
  • gRPC traffic is not captured correctly from an instrumented terminal when using Node.js
  • Update third-party dependencies to mitigate security issues
  • The network extension capturing on macOS stops capturing traffic in some cases

Fiddler Everywhere

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