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Fiddler Everywhere

Release History

Fiddler Everywhere v5.10.0

May 23, 2024

Version 5.10.0

  • Remove "Do not show again" option for unsaved changes prompt in Composer requests so the dialog will always be displayed
  • Add "Clear with Options" menu when clicking the Remove button in the sessions grid toolbar


  • Improve Rules' list responsiveness when there are a lot of rules and groups added
  • Slow resize or missing scrollbars in the Sessions grid in some cases
  • Issues with searching in messages while inspecting streaming sessions like gRPC, WebSockets and SocketIO
  • Prompt for unsaved changes in Composer requests is not triggered during user sign out
  • HTTP/2 sessions that use 103 HTTP response code for early hints are not captured correctly
  • CONNECT sessions response body size is incorrectly displayed as greater than zero in Sessions grid
  • Request Inspector word-wrap state not persisted in Composer view
  • Rules Processing for Protocol match condition
  • UI fixes for Rule builder dialog, Inspectors and Sessions grid
  • Update third-party dependencies to mitigate security issues


Fiddler Everywhere

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