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Fiddler Everywhere

Release History

Fiddler Everywhere v4.1.0

January 24, 2023

Version 4.1.0

  • Quick search improvements - it will search in all columns and highlight the matched data
  • Option to limit the Sessions List Length in the Live Traffic grid
  • Introduce a Timeline in the Overview inspector
  • Add a HEX body inspector
  • Add sorting for saved and shared sessions alphabetically
  • Update Sign in screen with more information for the possible steps
  • Show information in the application when there's a failed renewal payment
  • Add verbose logs for operations related to network adapters
  • Update several internal dependencies to latest versions


  • In some cases, fetch requests copied from the application lead to error for increase of max listeners
  • Copy as Powershell/Fetch/cURL/Python must be disabled on multiple connect sessions selected
  • Maximize/restore icon is incorrect on Windows and Linux
  • Auto theme is not applied on preview when change from dark theme to auto
  • Pseudo-headers are not shown in saved sessions
  • It is not possible to use pseudo-headers in Rules and Filters
  • Missing notification when copy URL/Full summary of any session
  • Start/pause capturing from the tray icon is not working after logout/login
  • Composer's body key-value pairs are always included in the request even when they are unchecked
  • Stop sending Connection: Close header in the response of a CONNECT request
  • Wrong trial length is shown in some cases


Fiddler Everywhere

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