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Fiddler Everywhere

Release History

Fiddler Everywhere v4.0.0

November 8, 2022

Version 4.0.0

  • Improve Filters - column and advanced filters are merged, and filtering experience is more consistent 
  • Add option to Save Filters - you can set match conditions and save them to re-use filters 
  • Improve the buttons in the session list toolbar - expose most used buttons and hide the rest in a new dropdown 
  • Add option to copy requests as code - select PowerShell, fetch, cURL or Python script format from the sessions list context menu
  • Add option to save the Request/Response body as a file - the option is available for the Raw, Preview and Body inspectors
  • Improve Compare Traffic option - difference in the URL protocol will be displayed as difference instead of a missing match
  • Improve Compare Traffic option - selecting a row with missing match will show its data in the inspectors
  • Add "Reveal in the list" option in the Compare Sessions tab in which will allow getting back to the original location of the session
  • Improve HTTP/2 support and make the option for enabling HTTP/2 more visible
  • Show the HTTP/2 request pseudo headers as part of the Headers section
  • New login system and user flow - use the unified Telerik system 


  • Context menu hides when app is resized 
  • Decoding window not decoding base64 for Unicode characters with more than 1 byte
  • Fiddler Everywhere Certificate name appears as null during installation on Android 
  • The two groups in the Compare sessions tab grid are desynced when scrolled
  • Multiple selection is not possible in the Compare sessions tab
  • What's New dialog hides behind the Welcome screen
  • Unable to open some websites using HTTP/1.1 when the stream responses option is on
  • Incorrect data shown in Request Body inspector when switching between different Body inspectors 


Fiddler Everywhere

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