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Fiddler Everywhere

Release History

Fiddler Everywhere v3.4.0

August 11, 2022

Version 3.4.0

  • Automatically apply system theme - dark or light
  • Add context menu option to decode selected string from multiple formats - Base64, Escape sequences, Encoded URLs, Hex, Encoded HTML
  • Skip decryption for domains added to bypass list - this makes it easy to ignore domains working with certificate pinning
  • Add a context menu option to easily add domains to bypass list
  • Allow using the app without network connectivity for some time
  • Add a JavaScript body inspector
  • Add new buttons to make it easier to compare multiple selected sessions
  • Automatically select JSON body inspector when the Content-Type contains json
  • Remove \"Unmatched Requests Passthrough\" option as it has multiple issues and causes confusion. The same behaviour can be achieved with Rules.
  • Add a new match conditions for Advanced Filters and Rules - HTTP Version, Caching, Content-Type, Request Time, Request Date, Rules Modified
  • Add a quick search for WebSocket messages


  • There's no progress indicator for the password related actions of saved sessions

Fiddler Everywhere

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