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Fiddler Everywhere

Release History

Fiddler Everywhere v3.0.0

November 30, 2021

Version 3.0.0

  • HTTP/2 Support (currently in Beta, you need to enable it in Settings) 

  • Inspection of WebSocket communication

  • Revamp of the Advanced filters with an enhanced UI and the ability to create complex filters

  • Updated the "My Resources" dialog for improved Getting Started experience configurations info

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Set the minimum supported macOS version to Mojave

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Single-click selection of the sessions now persists the currently selected Inspectors tab. Double-clicking will select the most appropriate one

  • Prevent leak of proxy settings when the application is closed or due to unexpected circumstances (like crash for some reason)

  • Improved the performance of marking multiple sessions simultaneously

  • Added a new HTTP Version column in the session lists (including Live Traffic) 

  • Added a system tray icon with an indication if the application is actively capturing traffic

  • Added support for decoding of Bzip2 content encoding

  • Updated the application build dependencies to use .NET 6.0 and Electron 15.0. 

  • The application cannot start when the electron-settings.json file is invalid. Now, the app will recreate the file if such a situation happens.

  • Matching by Request/Response headers is case-sensitive in the Rule Builder. It has been revised to case-insensitive matching.

  • "Cannot read property 'split' of undefined" error is shown when trying to sign in and there's no access to AWS. The message now indicates what could be the problem.

  • The description of Composer's Content-Type header does not indicate what happens if you modify the value. Now, the description explains what needs to be done if you want to use a custom value.

  • Setting the Composer's Content-Type to 'application/xml' and switching to enter Body focuses the Text editor. Now, it will focus on the XML editor instead.

  • Matching sessions based on the Remote IP or Client IP does not work for saved/shared sessions.

  • Incorrect strip of Authorization Header if it happens to contain the letters NTLM

  • "Check for update" fails in some rare circumstances.

  • Time of notifications is in UTC time instead of local one. 

Fiddler Everywhere

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