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Fiddler Everywhere

Release History

Fiddler Everywhere v1.3.0

November 30, 2020

Version 1.3.0

  • Support ignore of server certificate errors – now you are able to set this (in the Settings) and work with your internal resources, for which you do not have a valid certificate. You can enable this through application's settings.
  • Support decode of Brotli (BR) Content Encoding – a popular encoding used in Firebase and many other popular resources – until now the responses were not readable, but with this release you just need to enable the decode option and the content will be converted to a human-readable one.
  • Improve Body, Date and Duration columns – we’ve used the opportunity to further improve the information we show to the users – the Body column is now called Body Size, it can be filtered with numeric comparison (was text before) and it has the unit. For Duration column we’ve also changed the filter to be numeric and we’ve added the unit. The Date column’s filter is now Calendar based, which makes it easy to get the information you need for specific date range. With all those changes we unlock new scenarios of using Fiddler Everywhere: finding sessions which take more than specified time has never been so easy. The same is valid for finding requests above specified size, etc.
  • Add predefined responses for Auto Responder rules – in Fiddler Classic there was an easy way to create responses for specific HTTP Codes, like 404, 301, etc. Now, the same is valid for Fiddler Everywhere – just create (edit) your AR rules and use the predefined responses from there. With a few clicks you can simulate 404 or 200 and see how your code behaves in this situation.
  • Add Client IP column – we’ve added a new column (it should be manually included in the list from the Columns menu) which shows the Client IP from which the request has been executed. This is extremely helpful when you capture requests from mobile devices and your machine as well.
  • Integrate in-app nudges – with this release we can now send targeted information (for webinars for example) to users who have allowed user tracking.
  • Add Open Application Logs Folder menu option –use the Help menu and the folder with the logs will be opened.
  • Set Fiddler Everywhere as default for opening .saz and .har files – with this release Fiddler Everywhere will be set as default for those file types. 
  • Some OS commands cause errors on Fiddler Everywhere start on Windows
  • Shared sessions with size bigger than 5MB are corrupted.
  • Error is shown in logs when environment variable ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT is set to Development
  • Edit in Composer option was shown for CONNECT requests, which is not applicable
  • Shortcuts are working even if context menu option is disabled

Fiddler Everywhere

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