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Fiddler Everywhere

Release History

Fiddler Everywhere v1.1.0

September 24, 2020

Version 1.1.0

  • Include entirely new editor (Monaco) for every place where we are showing multiline text. This includes different inspectors, composer views, etc. Additionally we’ve included the ability to wrap the text. This gives a huge performance improvement, powerful searching capabilities and much better visual representation of the data.
  • Clear all filters ability – we’ve added a new button and also improved the message if session list is empty, so now it should be much easier to see if you have filters applied.
  • Remove shared items from the cloud – with the recent changes it is now possible for our users to delete already shared items from the cloud and free up some of the quotas. This way, even users with Free subscription will be able to continue using the product after exhausting their quota – they can just delete some of the items and share new ones.
  • Added confirmation dialog before removing session from saved/shared session.
  • About dialog
  • Seamless login experience between the client and the dashboard – now once you want to pay, the link from Fiddler Everywhere leading to will automatically sign in you with the same account.
  • Edit in Composer option from the Session list context menu will now load a new composer tab instead of overwriting the data in the default one
  • Ability to set Bypass list – this feature allows simultaneous usage of Fiddler Everywhere and Cisco VPN – just start Fiddler and capture traffic, then edit your Bypass list (in Settings -> Connections) and add your vpn address, save the changes and connect to the VPN. You’ll notice how Fiddler continues capturing traffic and you even will see the requests to internal resources are captured.
  • Ability to copy data from Web forms inspector
  • Unable to set proxy on macOS if default connection is renamed
  • When there are multiple active connections on macOS, the proxy is sometimes set to incorrect one
  • Unable to login when a proxy is required to be set to have network connectivity

Fiddler Everywhere

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