TreeView: How to create a 'tri-state' CheckBox logic using MVVM

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    RadControls version 2012.1.326
    Silverlight version 5.0
    Visual Studio version 2010
    programming language C#
    browser support

    all browsers supported by RadControls

    This project demonstrates how to implement a 'tri-state' CheckBox logic in the RadTreeView while using an MVVM approach. As the built-in RadTreeView 'tri-state' support is designed to work in a declaratively defined RadTreeView, in an MVVM approach you need to create custom logic. You can add a CheckBox control in the ItemTemplate of the RadTreeView and implement the 'tri-state' logic in the view models.
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    I think your zip file ( is corrupts. I try to download it and once done, it can't be opened by any decompressor ...


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    I've just tried the attached archive however everything worked as expected on my end using the default Windows 7 unzip.

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