Support Policy

What support is included with my license?

Most licenses include 'always-on' access to these online resources:

If your license includes Priority or Ultimate support, then we will respond to your support within 24 hours Monday through Friday (subject to Fair Usage Policy).

The official language for Customer Support communication is English.

What is included in the scope of the Support Services?

For a full description of the scope of our Support Services please check this page.

I have a trial of a Telerik product. Do I get support?

Yes, during your 30-day trial period, you get access to all of the same 'always-on' online resources included with our licensed products. You also get free technical support with 72 hour response time included Monday through Friday (subject to Fair Usage Policy).

What is the Fair Usage Policy?

Most of our product licenses include unlimited support tickets. However, in order to keep providing our industry-leading level of support, we have instituted a fair usage policy for our support services. All support requests from customers with at least ten times the average number of support requests will be reviewed by Telerik.

Does Telerik offer any additional services?

Our product licenses plans include all of the benefits listed above. We know, however, that there are cases where you might need a more customized level of service. We have a professional services team, who are committed to quality and 100% customer satisfaction and can assist you with:

  • training & mentoring
  • application assessments
  • UX & design
  • enterprise solutions

Product-specific support policies

You can find the support policy for Telerik DevTools, Mobile App Development and Testing here:

The following examples should help you understand if the challenge you are facing is covered by support or if you will need to contact our partners:

My Kendo UI AutoComplete implementation is not acting as described in documentation. Please explain.

I receive an error when trying to install JustCode.

My issue is extremely urgent and I need to escalate my support ticket.


I need help implementing a RadGrid in my UI for ASP.NET AJAX project.

My project is having performance issues. Can you look at my code to find out what is wrong?

My team is new to UI for ASP.NET MVC. Can someone call us and walk us through it?

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