Telerik OpenAccess ORM - Executing an Oracle stored procedure that returns result sets

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    OpenAccess version 2011.2 713
    .NET version 4.0
    Visual Studio version 2010
    programming language C#

    This project shows how to work with the Telerik OpenAccess ORM lower level ADO API and Oracle Stored Procedures, that have out parameters of type SYS_REFCURSOR. Two approaches are presented - using OpenAccessContext and using OACommand.
    The second one is more complex, but provides more control and flexibility. The HR sample database is used.

    • Make sure you have ODP.NET (ODAC) installed.
    • Make sure you reference the correct version of Oracle.DataAccess.dll in your project, it should be the same as the one defined in machine.config (4.0 by default)
    • Make sure you have a connection to a working Oracle database with the HR sample schema enabled. The HR schema is not active by default, it can be enabled from the Oracle admin webpage.
    • Run the script located next to the .sln file in the attached archive, named storedProcedures.sql . It will create the stored procedures needed for the demo.
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    Do you have also an example using the new wizard  (the sp  mapped as IEnumerable) and bind to a Silverlight grid(view) Also using  a domain dataservice like the introduction "getting started with orm and silverlight".


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    Hi Henk,

    We do not have such example yet. We are planning to release a stored procedure usage sample with Q2 2012 release of the OpenAccess SDK, but the results are not shown in a Silverlight grid.

    What we do have now in the SDK is:
    - an example shows how Silverlight is working with OpenAccess exposing data through a RIA service
    - a WPF sample showing data exposed through a WCF Data Service.

    We hope that the current samples will be helpful for your scenario. In any case, do not hesitate to submit a support ticket if you need any assistance. 

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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