Code Library Instructions

Using the Code Library

All Code Library projects will be reviewed by Telerik and will be approved within 72 hours. Developer versions of Telerik's controls will be changed to trial versions.


  • Post in the relevant product section. If your project relates to 2 or more Telerik products from a given control suite, use the 'General and Integration Projects" section.
  • Describe your project in detail. If you are using a DB, please specify its version as well.
  • The project should run as is, without further modifications. The attached project should be in ZIP format and should contain:
    • bin folder with the trial versions of the used Telerik controls;
    • skin/app_themes folder with the external or custom skin/theme used;
    • backup of the database used (if any);
    • ascx/aspx and codebehind files;
    • solution/project file (if necessary).
  • Provide screenshot(s) of the implemented functionality or of the observed behavior.
  • Be careful not to include any sensitive or exposing information;
  • DO NOT include paid-for 3rd party controls, as this may violate the vendor's License Agreement!

Policies and Disclaimers

  • Projects posted by Telerik clients will NOT be supported by Telerik.
  • Projects posted by either "Telerik admin" or "Telerik support" will be supported, with guaranteed response time of 72 hours. In case you need a faster and/or more precise response, please start a new support ticket as it gets higher priority than Forum and Code Library posts.
  • All project offered in the Code Library use the trial versions of Telerik's controls.
  • The Code Library is dedicated to the discussion and implementation of Telerik's RadControls in different client cases and scenarios. Advertising and promotion of commercial and/or noncommercial products which are not directly related to the project is forbidden and such posts will be deleted.
  • Telerik will not be responsible and will not be held liable if paid-for 3rd party controls and products are distributed within the Code Library.
  • Telerik reserves the right to use, reproduce and share the material you post in the Code Library.
  • Telerik reserves the right to not participate in all posts.
  • Telerik reserves the right to change the post description and/or project for clarity and better understanding.
  • Telerik reserves the right to remove any messages that do not comply with the terms mentioned herewith.