How to: Retrieve paged data from a WebAPI service generated by the AOS wizard

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     Q3 2012 SP1

    .NET version


    Visual Studio version


    programming language

     C# and VB.NET


    PROJECT DESCRIPTION                                     

    In order to retrieve paged data from a Web API service generated by the Add OpenAccess Service wizard you need to extend some of the generated classes with a few additional methods.

    This project demonstrates how to manually extend the OpenAccessBaseRepository and OpenAccessBaseApiController partial classes, so that you can get paged data in one of the following manners:

    The solution includes two new method definitions in the IOpenAccessBaseRepository<TEntity, TContext> interface that are implemented in the OpenAccessBaseRepository class:
    • GetAllWithoutDetaching() – gets the records without detaching them from the context, and
    • DetachEntities(…) – that detaches the necessary records.

    and two new overloads of the GetAll method in the OpenAccessBaseApiController class:
    • GetAll(int skip, int take)
    • GetAll (int skip, int take, string orderBy)

    The new GetAll methods return a new custom object implemented in the PagingResponse class. It contains a result set of records and their total number in the database (on which you could base the paging).

    • The Northwind database
    • The Dynamic LINQ library

    Hint: Some of the browsers cannot serialize the result JSON, so you could use the fiddler tool to debug the Web API services.
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