Generic version for ObjectContainer.NamedList(String listName)

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    This is a very simple alternative implemented as a c# extension method.
    Note that the namespace is Telerik.OpenAccess so every place you use this namespace you'll see the extension method.
    Really simple. You just need to reference this class. Enjoy!

    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Collections;

    namespace Telerik.OpenAccess
        public static class OpenAccessExtensions

            #region ObjectContainer

            /// <summary>
            /// Generic version for ObjectContainer.NamedList(String listName)
            /// </summary>
            public static IList<T> NamedList<T>(this ObjectContainer container, String listName)
                IList<T> result = null;

                IList originalList = container.NamedList(listName);
                if (originalList != null)
                    result = new List<T>();
                    foreach (T value in originalList)
                return result;


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