Databinding of r.a.d.navigational controls - menu, panelbar, tabstrip and treeview

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    r.a.d.controls version 4.2, r.a.d.panelbar 4.1,
    r.a.d.tabstip 3.4, r.a.d.treeview 6.1

    .NET version


    Visual Studio version


    programming language

    C#, VB.NET

    browser support

    all browsers supported by r.a.d.controls


    A working application demonstration databinding of navigational controls to various Data Sources:

    • AccessDataSource
    • SqlDataSource
    • SiteMapDataSource
    • XmlDataSource
    • ObjectDataSource
    • ArrayList
    • Dynamically Created Table
    • Sql Table
    • Access Table

    ItemDataBound and DataBound events are used to set additional properties or overwrite already set properties.

    This project is a demonstration of the flexibility and prowess of navigational controls with respect to Data Binding.

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    As of Q1 2007 SP2, Data Binding to XmlDataSource requires the following approach:

    XmlElement element = (XmlElement)e.Item.DataItem;  
    e.Item.ToolTip = "Read more about " + element.Attributes["Text"].Value; 

    Dim element As XmlElement = DirectCast(e.Item.DataItem, XmlElement)  
    e.Item.ToolTip = "Read more about " + element.Attributes("Text").Value 
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