Testing Telerik and Kendo UI Apps:
An Automation Strategy That Delivers

Join us on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 I 11:00 am ET

Balancing between "this is hard to do" and "this is a lot to maintain" is what costs teams the success of their automation efforts.

Testing your application doesn’t have to always cause you headaches, especially if it is built with the Telerik and Kendo UI components. Progress has an automation tool that is meant to be the perfect fit for your favorite controls. Test Studio is a low-code testing platform that enables you to achieve higher automation levels and shorter release cycles, free from delays caused by testing.

Join the Test Studio team for a live webinar on Wednesday, October 20 at 11 am ET | 5 pm CET and see for yourself why it is important to have a testing tool that integrates seamlessly with your developer toolbox.

During the live demo session, you’ll learn:

  • Automation techniques that will help you test even the most challenging UI components
  • How to use coded steps to augment recorded tests and solve tricky test scenarios
  • How to customize and improve the element location logic to make your tests rock-solid


Test Studio is a perfect complement to our Telerik UI development. It is extremely easy to develop automated testing for the Telerik UI components and it minimize our test maintenance over time.

Frank L.VP Operations
Supply Chain Solutions Provider

The Speakers:

Andrew Wieland 
Andy Wieland Solutions Engineer,
Petar Grigorov - Sales Engineer 
Petar Grigorov Sales Engineer,

Andy has worked in the software industry for 12+ years as a sales engineer and consultant, overseeing the implementation of optimization and automation software for thousands of customers. Andy is a certified Scrum Master, Agile Project Execution and Product Management coach.

Petar has 15+ years of experience in multiple key roles within software development such as QA, Project Management, Sales and Account Management. He knows the “pains” of both test and software engineers and believes that collaboration is a state of mind that can be successfully achieved with the help of a proper toolset.

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