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It's Thursday once again and that means we have a fresh new installment of XAMLflix for you. Today we'll be covering RadBulletGraph, a quick and easy to use data visualization component used for comparing several values as well as for showing projections on data, all at a glance.

For a quick recap, XAMLflix = Videos + Projects covering all of the controls in both the RadControls for Silverlight and RadControls for WPF control suites. We are revamping the entire video library with fresh new content based on the latest and greatest versions of our controls, complete with projects so you can grab the same code you see in the video and run with it.

RadBulletGraph - Quick, Comparative Data Visualization

RadBulletGraph provides you with a quick overview of your data at a glance, offering a quick and easy way to see how a featured value looks versus a comparative value, combined with the ability to place a projection into the mix as well to get the full view of your data.  Best of all, setting up a RadBulletGraph can be done in only minutes, bringing your data visualization to the next level with very little effort! 

  • Getting Started with RadBulletGraph - In this video we'll walk you through getting started with the RadBulletGraph control. This will include setting the initial control up, what properties you'll need to know in order to fully utilize the control, and finally how you can switch between orientations for this control to better fit the needs of your application. (Download the projects!)
  • Customization Options with RadBulletGraph - Once you've started working with RadBulletGraph, one of the next things you will likely want to do is start customizing it to fit the look and feel of your application. In this video I will demonstrate how to modify the colors used within the RadBulletGraph as well as how to add additional comparative measures to fit different business scenarios. (Download the projects!)
  • Integrating RadBulletGraph with RadGridView - While RadBulletGraph is a great control on its own, it really shines when used in different integration scenarios to provide a better look at your data than just raw numbers alone. In this video you will learn how you can quickly and easily template a RadBulletGraph instance into RadGridView to change the default display to something you can quickly understand and compare at a glance. (Download the projects!)

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities for what you can do with RadBulletGraph. And this is only one control from the RadControls for Silverlight and WPF, so be sure to tune in to the XAMLflix page to catch up on past and future episodes.

Stay tuned for more from XAMLflix next Thursday!

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Evan Hutnick

works as a Developer Evangelist for Telerik specializing in Silverlight and WPF in addition to being a Microsoft MVP for Silverlight. After years as a development enthusiast in .Net technologies, he has been able to excel in XAML development helping to provide samples and expertise in these cutting edge technologies. You can find him on Twitter @EvanHutnick.

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