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Angular version 10 is out and we couldn't be more excited about it. Check out what's new—and yes, Kendo UI for Angular is already good to go!

‘ng update @angular/cli @angular/core’

Angular version 10 is here! Angular version 10 was released only 4 months after version 9, an incredible turnaround for the Angular Team. 👏 This version includes updates to not only Angular the framework itself, but of course, to Angular Material and the CLI as well. This article will dive briefly into some of those features, but check out Stephen Fluin’s full post on the version release for more details (and also some incredible photography from Angular Team’s very own Minko Gechev).

Angular Material Updates

The Angular Material update for version 10 includes a new Date Range Picker (check out a demo in Stephen’s post).

A few weeks ago, I did a podcast with Jeremy Elbourn, the tech lead for the Angular Components Team. This team is responsible for Angular Material, the Angular CDK, Angular Google Maps Component (new) and the Angular Youtube Component (new).

There were some interesting tidbits about the direction the team is taking Angular Material and what is coming next.


Hot New Upcoming Components

  • Angular Google Maps Component
  • Angular Youtube Component

Over the last year they have been re-working their components to be built atop MDC Web. (10:58) They want to use the work that MDC Web has already done (less wasted time re-building things that have already been built) and this will give the Angular team more time to work on other things. They are hoping to work further with the MDC Web team in the future to create more component primitives and build a library/API similar to the CDK. So we have some interesting developments to look forward to with Angular Material, check out the episode of Angular Air for more details!

Angular & Angular CLI Updates

There were some notable updates to Angular & the CLI in v10, one of the largest being strict mode as an option now when creating a new project.

    ng new --strict

When you create a project in strict mode, you are enabling TypeScript’s strict mode by default, turning template type checking to Strict, reducing your bundle budget by 75% and disallowing the use of type any in the linting rules.

you have made the right choice gif

Along with being the bold choice, full on Angular strict mode will allow you to use more advanced tree-shaking, have a more maintainable project, and be the envy of all your easy mode going friends.

Another big change is the supported browsers in the configurations of new projects. New projects, by default, will not support ES5 builds. If you need to support browsers like IE or UC that require this, you will need to add the browsers you need to support in the .browserslistrc file.

Community Efforts 💪

The Team is putting more of a focus on listening to the community and taking care of issues. Over 2k issues were touched this release cycle and they plan on ramping up those numbers even more for the next one (Angular 11 is slated to come out in the fall 🍂).

We’ve Got Issues, You’ve Got Them Too

CommonJS & AMD Dependencies might be giving you issues—it’s OK. There’s a warning for that now. 😉 You simply need to request an ECMAScript module version from the dependency creators!

Feedback for You, Feedback for Me!

As a GDE, I see it firsthand, the Angular Team really does want and cherishes your feedback. If you are having any issues at all with v10, they want to hear about it!

a tweet about submitting feedback

Kendo UI Updates

We have updated our peer dependencies and our Kendo UI for Angular components are good to go with version 10. We release three times a year, check out what was new as of R2 2020!

gif of the pager component

For Real Though, We Love Your Feedback

As with the Angular Team, we love feedback on our Components—whether it be new ones or features on existing ones you’d like to see. So please leave us your feedback, we really do listen!

kendoka asking for feedback

Kendo UI for Angular Feedback Portal

Alyssa is the Angular Developer Advocate for Kendo UI. If you're into Angular, React, Vue or jQuery and also happen to love beautiful and highly detailed components, check out the Kendo UI library here or just jump into a free 30 day trial today. Happy Coding!

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