We take you quickly through the most interesting additions in the R2 2016 official release. 

Based on our research and your feedback, we've put together a list of the most interesting additions in the R2 2016 official release for UI for WPF and Silverlight. Let's walk through them together.

New Controls

Layout for WPF

We will introduce a new addition to our UI for WPF suite—the Layout control. It will streamline the way you arrange all other components in your WPF project.

layout control for WPF

New Integration Demo

ERP System

This time we’ll join the forces of our components and will show you a simplified implementation of one of the most popular business scenarios in modern business—an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. It will use the data from the popular Adventure Works database.


New Features

Docking for WPF

We are working on introducing the option to implement custom logic for saving and loading the layout of Docking component.

GridView for WPF

Pinned (Frozen) rows will allow you to anchor rows to the top of RadGridView.


A new API which will allow the generation of XLSX documents with minimal memory consumption and excellent performance. Export large datasets to XLSX in a matter of seconds.The cells are created, formatted, written to the XLSX file stream and disposed consecutively one by one, which significantly reduces memory consumption.


Based on some feedback we are going to add the option to exclude the null values from the Aggregate functions.

We Value Your Opinion

We're always cooking up new enhancements, like our new Upgrade API Analyzer, newly exposed TouchManager, and lots more.

Your feedback plays a key role in planning the development direction of our controls and features. Please, do not hesitate to share any thoughts, opinions and ideas on the WPF Feedback portal, where they can be liked and prioritized by the community. 

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Telerik XAML Team

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