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Telerik OpenAccess ORM

ASP.NET Dynamic Data with OpenAccess ORM and RadGrid
In this video you will learn how to use the Dynamic Data wizard of Telerik OpenAccess ORM to quickly create ASP.NET applications using RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX.

Telerik Reporting

Blank report in ASP.NET ReportViewer on iPad/iPhone
KB article elaborating on how to resolve issues with displaying reports in ASP.NET ReportViewer on iPad/iPhone devices


Retrieving custom fields from revision history trough the API
The blog post provides a sample query using Sitefinity API for retrieving custom field values from revision history.

Making widget templates editable trough the UI part 2
The blog post samples the implementation of registration for editable custom widget templates together with all necessary prerequisites that make up those custom widget templates behave like the built in widget templates.

String was not recognized as valid DateTime when configuring Analytics.
The KB article provides a fix for this problem when encountered using Analytics module.

The type System.SerializableAttribute exists in both assemblies
The KB article provides a fix if the problem with exception "System.SerializableAttribute exists in both assemblies" is encountered.

Email campaigns module
Updated and added new articles and API samples for CRUD operations for Message templates, Mailing lists, Subscribers, and Campaigns.

RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX

Help article about the Server-side OnCheckAllCheck event.

Help article about the Client-side OnClientCheckAllChecking event.

Help article about the Client-side OnClientCheckAllChecked event.

RadScheduler with external RadCalendar
This KB shows how to use RadScheduler with a small total height, when the  inbuilt RadCalendar is cut off the bottom border of RadScheduler.

How to create WCF data service from existing data base model or custom class
KB which demonstrates how to create WCF service to expose an existing data base data or custom class data.

Sparkline Chart
Demo that illustrates the configuration of Sparkline charts.

Stacked Series
Demo that illustrates how to cluster stacked column series in groups.

Data Navigation
Demo that illustrates how to zoom and scroll DateTime data with Data Navigation functionality.

Export Hierarchical Grid
New code-library to demonstrate exporting of a hierarchical structured grid.

Virtualization blog post
New blog post about the benefits of the Virtualization feature.

RadMediaPlayer blog post
New blog post about the key features of the control.

RadLightBox blog post
New blog post about the key features of the control.

RadControls for WinForms

Custom Nodes
This article demonstrates how you can create and use custom nodes in RadTreeView.





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