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Data Access

Generate a Serializable Data Access Layer with Telerik Data Access
This blog post will show you how Telerik Data Access enables you to generate serializable entities with just a few clicks.

New Fluent Model Wizard
This new section of our documentation will guide you through the New Fluent Mode Wizard and the option it exposes for creating Fluent Models.


Design Considerations for HTML Rendering
Updated help article elaborating on the Design Considerations for HTML Rendering

Filtering Data
Updated help article elaborating on filtering data in Telerik Reporting data items

How to: Setup a Map Manually
Help article elaborating on how to setup a Map item manually

How to: Add Series to the Map Item
Help article elaborating on how to add Series to the Map Item

Direct Print
Updated help article elaborating on the Direct Print feature of the HTML5 Report Viewer


Blog Posts:
Library Selector for Sitefinity back-end

The blog post shows how a library selector field control could be implemented and used in Sitefinity. The selector covers use-case scenarios in which we want to select all media items in a certain folder or album without going through each of the items. It also allows you to select directly an entire album and its child folders, from which to retrieve all images, for instance.

KB articles:

The NodeClick event of RadTreeView does not fire

The KB shows how Sitefinity users developing controls based on Telerik's RadTreeView can address a problem of the TreeView's server-side NodeClieck event does not fire

Documentation articles:

Add and remove controls 

The section contains various samples on how you can programatically work with controls on Sitefinity page, including:

Add control to a page

Add a new user control to page

Add a layout control to a page 

Remove a control from a page

and their helper articles

Generate unique control Id 

Get the last control in a placeholder  


Module builder 

The section contains updated and restructured information to allow for easier understanding and working with Sitefinity's Module Builder, including:

Creating the dynamic module

Dynamic content types

Module builder: Developers documentation


Map - Tile Layers
Demo that shows how to load maps from different Web Map Tile Services.

Map - Markers
Demo that shows how to add points of interest to the map.

Getting Started with RadMap
Help article that shows how you can start using the RadMap control in an ASP.NET project.

RadMap Element Structure
Help article about the element structure of the RadMap control.

Gantt - Overview
Demo which shows the basics of the new Gantt control.

Gantt - View Types
Demo showing the different view types.

ClientDataSource - Overview
Demo for the new client data source control.

Client DataSource Help
Online help documentation for the RadClientDataSource control.

Integration with RadGrid
This live sample demonstrates sample integration of the data source control with a prime data-vizualization control.

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