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Earlier this week we released Q3 Service Pack 1 of the Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC. The release has a full support for ASP.NET MVC 3 RTM. A change we introduced is the new Visual Studio Project Templates for creating new Telerik MVC 3 project. Using these Project Templates you can create new MVC 3 project configured to use the Telerik Extensions for MVC in seconds with just a few clicks. The Project Templates for Telerik MVC project can be reached either from the File | New menu or from the Telerik | MVC UI Extensions menu.






The New Project dialog will be launched in both scenarios. For convenience and better discoverability there are multiple entry points for creating new Telerik MVC 3 project. Here are all possible choices:


Telerik Node



Here you can find four different Project Templates for new Telerik MVC 3 project targeting both the Web Forms view engine and the new Razor view engine and both for C# and for Visual Basic.


Language Specific Node (Visual C# / Visual Basic)



Two Project Templates exist under both Visual C# and Visual Basic nodes – one that targets Web Forms view engine and one that targets Razor view engine.


Standard MVC3 project wizard



The Telerik MVC 3 Project Template is listed in the New MVC 3 Project wizard, too.

Each of the above entry points will launch the Create New Project wizard which enables you to configure your Telerik MVC 3 project in a few clicks. After you go through the wizard’s steps you will have a new MVC 3 project which uses the Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC.




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