This major release of the market-leading controls for LOB applications adds 8 new controls2 new Dashboard demos and a modern Metro theme built from the ground-up to accommodate all the best practices in Metro UI applications. 

Among the new controls included in this release you can find Persistence Framework, ImageEditor, DataServiceDataSource, BreadCrumb, PropertyGrid, RibbonView, ZipLibrary, TreeMap and PivotMap

In addition to what we announced for the Beta release you will find TreeMap and PivotMap control as well as a brand new ZipLibrary framework.

The TreeMap and PivotMap controls can be used to visualize large amounts of hierarchically organized data. TreeMaps have been used to successfully visualize various kinds of data, such as the content of file systems, stock market data, process control data and source code of large programs.

While spreadsheets and tabular visualization can show limited items at a time, the colorful presentations in the TreeMap and PivotMap can accommodate a large number of items in a meaningfully organized way by making optimal use of screen space. The controls use both size and color to display two quantitative variables for items arranged hierarchically.
To provide users with maximum flexibility, we have created two controls which visualize treemaps. Users do not have to restructure their data to show it. If you have flat data set use RadPivotMap and if your data is in hierarchy then RadTreeMap is the right choice. 

The other new control that will help you increase the responsiveness of your applications by compressing the data that you send over the internet is the ZipLibrary. With the new Zip Library you can compress data like images, docx or pdf files and send them over the wire. Thus, you will achieve fast and secure transactions.

Two new rich dashboard samples have been added to our online demos and the distribution.

The demos showcase the next generation of rich data visualization achieved with RadControls for Silverlight. Theming, real-time customization, and a dashboard structure that follows the industry’s best practices ensure that data is displayed in a meaningful and engaging manner. 

Check the demos

You can also download the source code of the demos under your accounts.

For full release notes please follow the links below:

RadControls for Silverlight release notes

RadControls for WPF release notes

You can find the Q2 2011 installation files under your accounts:

RadControls for Silverlight

RadControls for WPF

The online demos are also available at:

RadControls for Silverlight online demos

RadControls for WPF online demos. With this release we officially introduce click-once installation of our WPF online demos.

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