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Q3 2011 enriches our XAML suites with 6 new controls for Silverlight and 7 for WPF.

ChartView for Silverlight | WPF  
Our brand new ChartView control empowers users to understand and analyze complex data and ensures great performance for your applications requiring rich data visualization applications. The new architecture comes to serve the numerous requests for improvements in our existing RadChart control. We decided to build this new control from scratch to achieve the best results that could not have been done with the architecture of the old RadChart. The new ChartView reuses the charting engine from our Windows Phone 7 Chart and guarantees flexibility, advanced customization options and unique performance.

CRM Showcase Demo
Telerik CRM demo application is a next-generation Customer Relationship Management (better known as CRM) solution intended to help a fictional sales person through the trials and tribulations of his day-to-day experience. The demo showcases how an inspiring UI, complex background logic, and entertaining user experience can be put together using RadControls for Silverlight.


PDFViewer for Silverlight 
The control enables you to view PDF documents right within your Silverlight application without the need for an external viewer. You can also scroll, pan, and zoom within loaded PDF files to get a better view of the content while enjoying low memory use and fast, responsive performance because visual elements are only created when visible.

BarCode for Silverlight | WPF  
RadBarcode allows you to accurately track your physical products with native high-quality vector-based images that follow the most popular and widely-adopted barcode symbologies.


VirtualizingWrapPanel for Silverlight | WPF 
Get fast, responsive performance with virtualization in wrap-panel scenarios. Use this control exactly the same as you would standard wrap panels while enjoying the benefits of virtualization.

Calculator for Silverlight | WPF

With this new control you can rapidly execute arithmetic operations with classic calculator functionality or enjoy RadCalculator in a space-saving drop-down control, allowing users to use calculations in editing and input scenarios.

SpellChecker for WPF
RadSpellChecker can check the spelling of various input controls. It can be even adapted to work with your custom controls and use custom dictionaries. You can integrate it to work over the RadGridView cell.

ColorEditor for Silvelright | WPF
RadColorEditor enables you to add color editing functionality for easier customization through support for major color types (including RGB, HSV, HLS, CMYK, and HEX), Alpha Channel and Color history. Modify the alpha channel to provide transparency or quickly repeat selections.

EntityFrameworkDataSource for WPF
Easily integrate Entity Framework domain models into your application.

Check the online demos at Silverlight | WPF

To download the latest release log into your accounts - Silverlight | WPF

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