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Staying committed to our plan to further improve the ease-of-use and provide new controls and major features for achieving Rich Data Visualizations and Line-of-Business applications, we are proud to announce the Q2 2011 Beta release.

New Executive Dashboard demo


Telerik’s Executive Dashboard demo showcases the next generation of rich data visualization achieved with RadControls for Silverlight. Theming, real-time customization, and a dashboard structure that follows the industry’s best practices ensure that data is displayed in a meaningful and engaging manner. 

Check the demo

New controls and major features

Persistence Framework
You can now save and load the state of the user interface so that the end user can continue working with the application as it was before closing it. 

  • Built-in integration with isolated storage for saving and loading the data 
  • Rich and flexible settings to control the serialization process 
  • Customizable serialization and deserialization 

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The DataServiceDataSource control ensures seamless integration between Telerik data controls and WCF Data Services. Binding to the DataServiceDataSource is straightforward and absolutely codeless. Thanks to this new control your applications will achieve maximum responsiveness as data operations will be asynchronously executed on the server.
Check the online demos

With this new control you can easily display and edit properties of an object at runtime. The PropertyGrid provides an easy and versatile approach to processing data-objects' properties. Utilizing its auto-generation features and the intuitive custom editors’ capabilities, users will be able to either display data in a way that best fits their needs, or modify it with minimal effort. 


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 (only available as part of RadControls for Silverlight at this time. For the official Q2 2011 release the control will also be available for WPF).
Build complicated navigation systems through hierarchical data with many levels. With its powerful data-binding mechanism, the control lets you display hierarchical structures, such as directories and relational data.


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The new RibbonView control now provides significantly improved XAML, MVVM, Blend and Design-time support. We had to take the decision to introduce this new control as the existing RibbonBar control did not allow us to implement the architectural changes to achieve the desired results. As always we will stay committed to assist our customers in moving to the new RibbonView control. For that purpose we will continue to support (minor bugfixes) the old RibbonBar control towards the end of the year.

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Add image editing capabilities to your applications with basic operations like crop, flip, resize, and rotate, as well as the ability to use custom pixel shaders.

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  • Headers and Footers support - you can now define headers and footers in the RichTextBox document area, set different headers and footers on odd and even pages as well as custom headers and footers on the first page of your documents
  • Input Method Editor (IME) - the RichTextBox now supports writing in languages that require Input Method Editors 
  • Support for image blocks - now images can be added to the document not only inline, but also as floating blocks with the text wrap around the images 

Check the demos

Data Visualization

  • Now you can inverse the range of the Chart axes
  • The Map control supports SQL geospatial data and Bing Traffic provider
  • TimeBar now offers Minutes and Second interval types as well as localization support


Check the demos

You can find the Q2 2011 Beta download files under your accounts:

RadControls for Silverlight

RadControls for WPF

The online demos are also available at:

RadControls for Silverlight online demos

RadControls for WPF online demos. With this beta release we introduce click-once installation of our WPF online demos.


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