Here I would like to share with you the highlights of our planned features for the official Q1 2015 release of Telerik UI for WPF and UI for Silverlight.

New XAML Controls

The new Wizard control will give you the option to add one of the most important features in your WPF or Silverlight applications. Known for its ability to facilitate complex data entries into easy step-by-step UI, the new wizard control will be the next missing link between your application and your end users.

New Visual Studio Templates

We plan to introduce predefined templates with the most common scenarios for business applications. You will be able to choose among them from the New Project dialogs of Visual Studio. A predefined simple application layout will be automatically generated inside your project. For starters, we plan to cover three main scenarios–Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel alike layouts.

New Features in Existing Controls

All controls: Dynamic font sizes and Dynamic font families for Office 2013 theme and VisualStudio2013 themes. The new addition will allow you to easily change the font size and the font family in your applications.

Document Processing Libraries:
  • Our DPL offering gathers more and more attention from you, and tthat's why we plan a lot of important additions and improvements. One of the most important directions is the integration with the rest of the controls. We’ll start with SpreadProcessing and GridView and make them work together seamlessly without much effort on your side.
  • We also plan to introduce RadFlowDocument to RadFixedDocument conversion in RadWordsProcessing and RadPDFProcessing for WPF. This will allow conversion of simple DOCX/RTF/HTML documents to PDF.

ChartView: Bubble series. The bubble chart is a variation of a scatter chart in which the points are replaced with bubbles. The main difference is that the size of the bubbles add more dimension to the data.

  • Data Validation: Allows the user to specify a set of rules, which determine whether a value entered in a cell is valid or invalid.

  • Selection Ranges UI:  This allows the user to select ranges, the names of which are included in the formula they are currently inputting.

ComboBox: We will introduce options to add customizations in the filtering logic of />

We Value Your Opinion

As a customer oriented company, your feedback plays a key role in planning the development direction of our controls and features. Please do not hesitate to share any thoughts, opinions and ideas in the Feedback portal, where they can be discussed and liked by the community.

About the Author

Hristo Maradjiev

Product Manager,
Telerik XAML Team

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