The Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC continue to march triumphantly towards their v1 in the Q1 2010 release. Thanks to your valuable feedback during the past few months, we were able to shape our roadmap and produce the next batch of UI extensions: TreeView, Calendar, DatePicker and a set of 4 Input components - NumericTextBox, CurrencyTextBox, PercentTextBox and IntegerTextBox. All of them are lightweight, semantically rendered, embracing the ASP.NET MVC principles and designed to deliver maximum performance to your MVC applications.

The flagship component, Grid for ASP.NET MVC, matures more and more with its latest enhancements. You can now achieve multi-level grouping, or edit and delete data through the integrated editors: Input, DatePicker and Calendar. The later are also introduced in the suite as standalone UI extensions. The Input components - NumericTextBox, CurrencyTextBox, PercentTextBox and IntegerTextBox  - validate the input of numeric, integer, currency or percentage entries. They automatically handle the parsing of values that the users enter and format their values for display. And last, but not least the TreeView component debuts in the suite with load on demand, semantic rendering and node drag and drop.


All UI extensions draw on the power of the jQuery library for advanced visual effects. You can enjoy smooth jQuery animations and further customize them with any settings relevant for your scenario.

Finally, styling your ASP.NET MVC applications is now no brainer with the Extensions’ support for our unique Visual Style Builder. The tool allows skinning and customization of the MVC components through a visual interface without the need to know the front-end structure of the components. 

With the Q1 2010 release, the Telerik Extensions will ship under a dual licensing model:

  • GPLv2 - a very popular and common open source license.
  • Commercial license - Developer License with Subscription and Priority Support at $999 – this license is suitable for those that need dedicated support or need to use the Extensions in an environment where open source software is hard to get approved.

Stay tuned for more pre-release bits this week!

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Paulina Tsolova

 is Brand Manager | ASP.NET

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