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    RadControls for Windows Phone Q2 2012 is here!

    This is our sixth release already and we are very excited about it since it brings some really great stuff on the table, including a very important effort that elevates our suite to an entirely new level. Because details are what matters, I am starting right now with what’s new in the Q2 2012 box: Metro Design Templates for building great Windows Phone applications. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: a really thick stack of ready-to-use page templates that provide implementation for common scenarios and are compatible with the Metro Design Guidelines. Powered by a fully integrated Visual Studio...
    June 11, 2012
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    Design Templates for Windows Phone

    A mobile app will look better if you have a designer helping you, right? This one is a no brainer. Reality is that many Windows Phone developers don’t always have this luxury.  Matching the Metro design guidelines to the highest Metro standards can also be tricky sometimes.  To help you on this front, RadControls for Windows Phone introduces Metro Design templates for Windows Phone with this second release for the year. More than 20 page and content Metro design templates will make your app nicer and your job easier. On top of that you get a Visual Studio wizard helping you...
    June 11, 2012
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    Telerik XAML Controls Q1 2012 SP1

    The Q1 2012 Service Packs for Telerik XAML controls (Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone) have been released.  You will find many improvements and fixes in the service packs, which you can download now under Your Account.  Be sure to check the updated Silverlight and WPF Trials This new service pack brings a number of improvements and fixes.  You now have the option to disable the Telerik StyleManager and to style controls using implicit styles (i.e., Style without the x:Key attribute). There are a number of advantages to using implicit styles, including: Custom themes are easier Basing styles on themes is easier Assemblies are smaller Improved Blend support For more on using...
    March 27, 2012
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    Announcing RadControls for Windows Phone Q1 2012 SP1

    Now that Q1 2012 has been out for a while we have managed to gather some very useful feedback from you on the new stuff that we released with it and with Q1 2012 SP1 it’s time to bring it officially to you. Besides the fine tuning of existing functionality, we are really proud to announce one pretty important and powerful new component that can easily make your application shine: RadHubTile:          This component brings the Windows Phone home screen experience directly to your app without much complexity. It not only covers all native Tile behaviors (animations, layouts etc.) but delivers even new...
    March 21, 2012
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    Announcing RadControls for Windows Phone Q1 2012

    Welcome to this milestone release for RadControls for Windows Phone, as it brings the suite to a whole new level - fully embracing the concept of Rapid Application Development. This is actually our first release which includes not only classic UI components, but also infrastructure that helps you implement and integrate very common scenarios used throughout mobile applications.                     But let’s just skip the  lengthy introduction and move directly to the unpacking. I’ll start with the entirely new components that are available now: RadPaginationControl – a really powerful approach to deliver rich content presentation in your WP application. This control allows you to enable...
    February 16, 2012