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    Telerik WinForms Plans for Q1 2011

    Our first major installment for 2011 (due in Spring 2011) will see vital improvements across some of the most important controls in the Telerik Windows Forms suite. Check the details in the Q1 2011 WinForms Roadmap. Highlights: New control - Wizard Control New major version of RadTreeView for Windows Forms End-user improvements for RadScheduler  Office 2010 Backstage view for RadRibbonBar Right-to-Left Language and Localization improvements across all controls ...
    December 14, 2010
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    Bringing User Experience to the next level in RadGridView for WinForms

    In the upcoming Q3 2010, we bring the extensibility of RadGridView to the next level. We will add the ability to create and replace the row type for all rows stored in the rows collection which will give our customers almost unlimited control over the customization and design of the control. The new feature gives developers the opportunity to extend the default behavior of all descends of the GridViewRowInfo class. Here is how it works: Let’s say that you want to create an expandable filter row which has extended user-friendly UI for filtering: In Q3 2010 this will be possible with a few simple...
    October 26, 2010
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    Q3’10 Pre-Release Series: Telerik extends the WinForms suite with new LOB features

    Q3 2010 is around the corner and it will be yet another promising release for RadControls for WinForms. In the previous milestone we introduced 5 new controls, added a faster and more robust data layer to RadGridView and improved its UI layer. Our last major release of the year will deliver an enterprise upgrade to the Telerik GridView and Scheduler controls which will enhance demanding LOB applications with better user experience and performance. Register for What's New in Q3 2010 Webinar - Telerik WinForms controls RadGridView RadGridView’s new Lazy data loading defers the loading of an object until the point at which it is needed,...
    October 22, 2010
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    Explained: RadGridView for WinForms virtualization and its implications. The case with CellElement and RowElement

    As the Logical vs. Visual Grid Structure help article states, RadGridView for WinForms uses virtualization for its cells/rows and as of Q2 2010 there is column virtualization as well. What is virtualization? To put it simply, when you bind RadGridView to a DataTable with 1000 rows, you get 1000 data row objects created in RadGridView (of type GridViewDataRowInfo). However, not all data row objects can be visible at the same time in the RadGridView estate in your application. This is why only the visual rows that can be shown in the estate get created (these visual rows are of type GridDataRowElement), or about...
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    New goodies in RadGridView for WinForms: Drag and drop with RadGridViewDragDropService

    One of the new goodies that came with RadGridView Q2 2010 is the brand new drag and drop API, which offers a very flexible way to create custom drag and drop scenarios with ease. Each instance of RadGridView is associated with RadGridViewDragDropService that handles user drag and drop operations. It gives you out-of-the-box reordering of columns and movement of items between the group panel and the columns header. The service is also responsible for rows reordering in unbound mode when grouping and sorting features are not applied. In many cases, developers need to implement complex custom scenarios that are not covered by our products by default....