• .NET

    JustCode Support for Visual Studio 11

    Last week during the BUILD conference Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview was announced. Soon after that it was made available to the public. Here at Telerik we are committed on providing support for the latest and greatest technologies so we are already working on JustCode for Visual Studio 11. Actually, JustCode is happily running inside VS11 on our own PCs. Now it is a matter of an internal build or two to test and fix some compatibility issues before we can give it to you for test...
    September 22, 2011
  • .NET

    JustCode Keeps Getting Better

    Telerik JustCode Q3 2011 is just around the corner, but we’re not waiting to bring you new features and enhancements for your favorite productivity tool. Telerik JustCode Q2 2011 Service Pack has been launched with a dazzling array of features and enhancements to make development fast and fun. Microsoft’s BUILD conference just ended, promising a shift in the way we approach Windows development. One thing is for certain: it will be easier than ever before to write responsive software. With the new asynchronous features in C# and VB.NET, you can create high throughput ASP.NET MVC applications without breaking a sweat. JustCode fully...
    September 19, 2011
  • Testing & ALM Mobile

    Parameter Refactorings in JustCode

    The internal build 1 of JustCode comes with three new refactorings to easily manipulate method parameters. Move to Parameter There are times when one has hardcoded a constant value within the body of a method, but the method would have more flexibility if the value were a parameter instead. This refactoring allows you to move the variable to a parameter, and it will automatically update calls to the method with the defined value for the variable.   class Program{ static void Main(string[] args) { Ninja ninja = new Ninja(); ...
  • .NET

    Code. Just Code. JustCode.

    It's my pleasure to announce the youngest member of the Telerik product family - JustCode, a code analysis and refactoring tool. Actually "youngest" is not the most correct word to use because JustCode was born more than 5 years ago but "adopted" by Telerik in March, this year. In March Telerik acquired the JustCode product from the German-based company, Omnicore, and the founders of the company (and also the creators of the product) joined Telerik to help us take the tool to the next level. A few words about the founders of Omnicore; these are brilliant guys with lots of expertise in...
    November 18, 2009