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    What’s new in the Beta of RadRichTextBox for Silverlight

    We are very excited with the announcement of our Q2 Beta release of RadControls for Silverlight 4.One of the most important new announcements is the new version of RadRichTextBox. The control went a long way since its CTP version and now we are eager to show you some of the new features we worked hard on during the last couple of months. New Document Formats First of all we will present the newly added import/export support for Html and Docx formats, which was among the most demanded features, because its heavy use for many business-oriented scenarios. Take a look at the screenshots below to...
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    A New Native Silverlight 4 Rich Text Editor Coming Up

    The eagerly awaited release of Silverlight 4.0 is now a fact and we have great news to share with you. Here at Telerik we are going to have a new addition to our Silverlight suite – a brand new native Silverlight 4.0 rich text box. RadRichTextBox offers MS Word-like text editing and formatting capabilities which come with unmatched performance, paged and flow layout. The new control utilizes UI Virtualization and Recycling, easy to use API for accessing/modifying document and layout structure, and more. A CTP of RadRichTextBox is going to be released with the upcoming RadControls for Silverlight 2010.Q1 SP1....
    April 16, 2010