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    RadRichTextBox loves East Asia

    Our team was busy working on some features that turned out to be very important for our customers in East Asia - distributed alignment, line breaking rules and hanging punctuation. We have decided to share some examples as this may be of help to the ever-growing number of developers targeting audience in China, Japan or Korea.
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    Silverlight and WPF Controls Q1 2013 SP1 are here

    Last week we shipped our Q1 2013 SP1 official release for RadControls for WPF and RadControls for Silverlight. As always we put our efforts in adding a lot of new features and remove the small glitches across all controls . I will list here the most exciting ones and you can check all details in our thorough release notes here for WPF and here for Silverlight:
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    Power your projects with Telerik - Now with the Convenience of NuGet

    Telerik now supports NuGet! Read this post to find out how to set up your own NuGet feed as well as find out where to download Telerik NuGet packages!
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    Fast and Awesome - Telerik Spreadsheet for WPF and Silverlight

    The first release of 2013 is already a fact and as you may already know it brings some exciting new additions to our WPF and Silverlight suites. One of them is our long-awaited spreadsheet component. If you wonder what it would be like, what you are to do with it, this blog post may just be the answer to your questions. So let me introduce to you RadSpreadsheet.
    February 28, 2013
  • .NET

    Telerik releases XAML-SDK at GitHub

    Q1 2013 is live! Our latest and greatest XAML (WPF and Silverlight) controls are evolving rapidly but not just the binaries. Our commitment to "make the life of developers easier" has brought us the idea of creating fully developer oriented XAML Software Development Kit (SDK). This new support material is aiming at showing how to use our controls in the best and easiest way.
    February 27, 2013