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    Connecting Telerik Reporting to SQL Azure via Open Access

    Download SqlAzure.OpenAccess (C# VS2010) - 163KB In the previous blog post from the series we discussed how to connect Telerik Reporting to a SQL Azure database using ADO.NET with the help of the SqlDataSource component. Now we will demonstrate how to accomplish the same task with Open Access ORM utilizing the OpenAccessDataSource component. For the sake of this example we assume an existing SQL Azure account with the Adventure Works sample database already installed. Let’s start with a new Open Access domain model – the Open Access ORM Data Wizard starts. Choose Microsoft SQL Azure as a backend for the database connection and specify the connection string to your SQL Azure database as shown in the screenshot below: Choose the following tables...
    December 16, 2010
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    Telerik OpenAccess ORM Q1 2010 SP2 Is Now Available

    We are very happy to announce the availability of Service Pack 2 for Telerik OpenAccess ORM. After a month of hard work we managed to address many of the reported problems and to deliver lots of major enhancements. You can find a detailed list of the fixes, by following this link. Download the new bits from your client accounts and let us know your feedback.
    June 25, 2010
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    Building Real Applications with Telerik MVC & OpenAccess – Building the Model

    Using OpenAccess Forward Mapping really allows you to focus on building a strong model, rather than getting caught up in the persistence details, and this can expedite development time dramatically. Every developer I know could use a little more time to focus on more important things :) Before we can use the OpenAccess Forward Mapping Wizard, we need to create a model for our application.  After we have a solid model, we can run the wizard, and it will create the database for us! Awesome!   Getting Started The first thing that I do is create an abstract base class that all business...
    February 11, 2010
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    Working with OpenAccess in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

    If you’re like me, the end of the year represents a time when most other projects are starting to wind down and you finally have a chance to get back to testing some of those “fun” Microsoft betas. Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is probably at the top of the stack. Microsoft’s next major update to the flagship IDE is getting very close to RTM, so now is a great time to start checking-out the tool.   What you should be pleased to know is that almost all of Telerik’s developer tools already offer a lot of support for VS 2010- even...
    December 15, 2009
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    LINQ tip of the week: Upcoming System.Math support

    Continuing with the LINQ tips, today we provide a list of System.Math methods that we are going to support with the upcoming Q3 release. The following table shows the supported methods; when no indication is given, all the overloaded (double,decimal,...) versions will work. Abs Min Max Acos, Asin, Atan, Atan2 Cos,Sin,Tan Cosh, Sinh, Tanh Sqrt Power Trunc Exp Log(double) Log10 Ceil Floor Round (*) Sign   (*) Only the Round(double) and Round(x,y) methods where y!=MidpointRounding are supported.   That means, you can push now many more calculations to the database server. Be aware however, that using the database server engine might produce different results than would be calculated when the CLR is used; e.g....
    October 20, 2009