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    Visual Studio Productivity Tools Q2 2012 Q&A

    We showed off tons of new features during our Q2 2012 release webinar, Easier with Visual Studio Productivity Tools Q2 2012, and we gave you the opportunity to directly ask us questions. Here are the topics on attendees’ minds, and our responses. General Are all of the Just products working in VS 2012? Yes, they all work with VS 2012 RC. Can you give these presentations at user groups? We sure can, please send us your individual requests. We will also provide training material if you’re interested in giving the presentation yourself. JustCode What are the advantages of JustCode over similar products? There are other tools on the...
    July 23, 2012
  • Release

    JustTrace and JustMock in Visual Studio 11

    Microsoft released Visual Studio 11 Beta just over a month ago, and we quickly ensured bleeding edge developers would have access to their favorite productivity tool, Telerik JustCode! So, what about the other Just products? Visual Studio 11 Support We wouldn’t dare leave our loyal JustMock and JustTrace users out of the fun. If you keep current with our internal builds (or service pack for JustTrace), you already have versions with Visual Studio 11 support! However, we only install our products into the versions of Visual Studio you selected. Since you probably installed the tools before VS11 came out, you may need to change your setup....
    April 18, 2012
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    Be a Profiling Ninja with Telerik JustTrace Q1 2012 SP1

    Nothing says .NET Ninja more than creating beautiful applications from beautiful code, with optimum performance and memory management. Other Telerik products help you create beautiful code, but Telerik JustTrace will hone it to a razor edge. There are many exciting changes coming in Q2 2012, and the first step along that path is JustTrace Q1 2012 Service Pack 1. Open the Most Expensive Path The life of an application can be considered a journey, but getting from point A to point B may go down many paths. A new option in JustTrace’s performance profiler snapshots takes you to the most expensive path taken...
    April 13, 2012
  • Release

    What’s New in Telerik JustTrace Q1 2012

    Our Q1 2012 release cycle has been very exciting! All of the Just products received features and enhancements, and we used the opportunity to officially launch JustDecompile. But so far, we’ve been rather quiet on JustTrace, and the JustTrace team has been working hard to add features that will best help you track down performance and memory issues in your application. We recently added the capability for finding the largest memory retainers, refactored the live data view, and introduced new capabilities for profiling Silverlight applications. If you caught the webinar, you did get to see the latter in action, but here’s...
    February 27, 2012
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    Live Data and Source Code in JustTrace

    Although it was only a month ago when JustTrace Q3 2011 was released, we've launched JustTrace Q3 2011 SP1 with two new major features: a completely redone “Live Data” view and the ability to view source code. In addition, a number of enhancements have been made, resulting in a smoother user experience. Visit the What’s New page for a list of all changes. Live Data View The Live Data view has been updated to provide visual information via charts representing CPU and memory usage. This enables you to visualize how the profiled application process is currently affecting performance and memory consumption. More importantly, you now see...
    December 20, 2011