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    Finding and Fixing Performance and Memory Issues Episode I

    Episode I – The Frozen Screen Do you want to test your optimization chops with JustTrace? Does using a guide feel like cheating? Then don’t read this article! Instead, download the JustTraceExamples project and fix the issues. This article will be here if you are stuck.
    January 09, 2013
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    Developer Resolutions for 2013

    My friend and coworker Chris Eargle wrote a great post on some resolutions for the New Year.  It made me think about how lucky we were to avoid this particular apocalypse (along with all of the others that I've lived through in my 45 years), so I’ve come up with a few developer centric resolutions of my own.
    January 07, 2013
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    Are You a Developer Who Survived the Apocalypse

    Make Some Resolutions! Surviving three apocalypses in two years was so exhausting that I managed to miss three others. We supposedly have five more years before the next, but I fully expect a hipster apocalypse or zombie uprising before then. It may even be the same event if a nefarious person discovers NSA back doors in Apple products. 
    January 03, 2013
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    Filtering JustTrace Snapshot Data

    In a profiling session lasting only a few minutes, the profiled application may perform millions of operations. The following image shows that in less than two minutes, the program called three property assessors over 10 million times each.
    December 18, 2012
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    When Should You Profile Your Application?

    At Raleigh Code Camp, I had an unfortunately familiar conversation with another developer. Me: How often do you profile your application for performance or memory issues? Him: I don’t. Me: Really? How do you know if your app has any issues? Him: Because I write good code.
    December 06, 2012