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    The Changing Visuals of the Visual Aid

    Visual Studio received a facelift in 2012, and our tools changed to match its look and feel. It wasn't without some controversy, but there’s nearly universal agreement that the new theming support is cool. If you haven’t experienced it yet, install the Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor. It’s from Microsoft, and it’s free. We modified JustCode well before the official release of Visual Studio 2012 to support the new theming capabilities. Since you use Visual Studio for your development environment, we want to ensure our tools integrate for a seamless experience.
    December 05, 2012
  • Productivity

    JustCode JavaScript Templates for WinJS

    I’ve been doing a lot of WinJS work recently, and I am an avid user of the JustCode Template functionality.  So, I thought I’d share my templates as I have them now, and will update this post as I update them or create more.  For more information on creating JustCode templates, please see this help content. For each template, I show my acronym in parenthesis.  For example, the first template’s acronym is “winjsfile”.  I also don’t show the results for every template, since some of them are obvious. Templates for New JavaScript File This template and the related templates following are used when I...
    November 25, 2012
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    JustCode Code Style Settings for C#, Part 1

    In our previous blog posts on the JustCode Formatter, we’ve showed you what it is and how it works. If you haven’t read those yet, please see our post on "Introducing the Formatter" and "Comparing the JustCode Formatter to the Visual Studio Formatter". One of our design goals was to make sure the Formatter is much more customizable than Visual Studio’s, and in this post, we will show you how easy it is to customize it. What are the Code Style settings? When you utilize JustCode’s refactorings, expand code templates, format and/or clean your code, or make other changes to your code, JustCode...
    November 16, 2012
  • Release

    JustCode Q3 Typing Assistance Improvements

    We designed the typing assistance feature of JustCode to increase your productivity by saving you keystrokes without getting in your way. In this release, we enhanced this feature, making it faster and better than ever. Brace positioning When you press enter between opening and closing brace, JustCode positions the braces correctly and inserts an empty line so you can begin typing immediately. Previously, JustCode used the formatting feature to position braces correctly, and this was sometimes slow. The brace positioning no longer relies on the formatter, and the result is extremely fast. Wrap statement in braces When you add an open brace at the beginning of...
    November 05, 2012
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    JustCode Keyboard Shortcuts Profiles

    Most of the commands in Telerik JustCode are assigned keyboard shortcuts, granting the speed and convenience you expect from a quality productivity tool. This is, of course, a very important and often overlooked feature. For Q3 2012, we decided to improve the way in which JustCode approaches shortcuts by creating keyboard shortcuts profiles and related enhancements. The purpose of JustCode’s keyboard shortcuts profiles Before the introduction of keyboard shortcuts profiles, JustCode only had one predefined set of shortcuts for its commands. Visual Studio silently applied these shortcuts during its first execution after the installation of JustCode. This behavior proved to be inconvenient to many...
    October 24, 2012