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We designed the typing assistance feature of JustCode to increase your productivity by saving you keystrokes without getting in your way. In this release, we enhanced this feature, making it faster and better than ever.

Brace positioning

When you press enter between opening and closing brace, JustCode positions the braces correctly and inserts an empty line so you can begin typing immediately. Previously, JustCode used the formatting feature to position braces correctly, and this was sometimes slow. The brace positioning no longer relies on the formatter, and the result is extremely fast.

Brace positioning image

Wrap statement in braces

When you add an open brace at the beginning of a single line statement, JustCode adds a closing brace at the end of the statement. JustCode then moves the caret to the position before the inserted closing brace so you can continue typing.

Wrap statement in braces image 

When you press enter, JustCode positions the braces correctly and creates a new line after the statement so you can continue typing in the newly created block.

Wrap statement in braces image

However, if you press shift + enter, a new line appears before the statement.

Wrap statement in braces image

Typing assistance is now extremely fast due to the removal of the formatting dependency. Try it and let us know what you think.

Brace/Brackets/Parenthesis Completion

When you add an opening brace/bracket/parenthesis, JustCode adds the matching closing symbol and positions the caret between the opening and the closing symbol so you can continue typing.

Brace/Brackets/Parenthesis Completion image

Auto Format on Semi-Colon and Close Brace

JustCode automatically runs the auto-formatter when you press semi-colon or add a closing.

Auto Format on Semi-Colon and Close Brace 

Auto Completion of Single & Double Quotes

The typing assistant also adds a closing single or double quote for you.

Auto Completion of Single & Double Quotes

Prevents Closing Symbols Doubling

JustCode prevents you from doubling parentheses, braces, brackets and single & double quotes. When you type the additional character, JustCode moves the cursor outside the closing character.

Prevents Closing Symbols Doubling

Semicolon Automatic Positioning

Occasionally, you may need to place a semicolon on a line, but your current caret position is not in the correct position. You need to move it to the correct location before you can type the semicolon.

Typing assistance takes care of this. Simply type semicolon and JustCode places it in the proper location. Furthermore, JustCode positions the caret after the semicolon so you can continue typing.

Semicolon Automatic Positioning


The typing assistance feature can save you many keystrokes and improve your productivity. Best of all, it does not get in your way. You may not even notice it is there, and it still helps you work better and faster.

To use this great feature, simply enable it from the JustCode options dialog:

Summar image

If you still haven`t tried JustCode, you can do so by downloading a free 30-day trial

Happy coding!


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