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    JustCode Q1 SP1 Typing Assistance Improvements

    Our goal is to make JustCode’s typing assistance save keystrokes, without getting in your way. As such, typing assistance received quite a few changes for SP1.  It now works faster, and better than ever :)      Bracket Completion When you add an  open bracket at the beginning of a line, JustCode will now add the closing bracket for you at the end of the line, even if there is code. When you hit enter, the auto formatter will run.    Prevents Bracket Doubling The SP1 release now does it’s best to prevent you from doubling parenthesis, braces, and brackets. Instead of doubling up these items up, it...
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    Code better with JustCode Q1 SP1

    We've just uploaded the Service Pack 1 for JustCode so feel free to log in to your Telerik accounts and download JustCode. Earlier this week Visual Studio 2010 RTM was released and we are happy to announce that this version of JustCode fully supports it. Other areas of interest in this release are the typing assistance behavior and JavaScript formatting. We also further optimized JustCode’s memory usage and speed. You’ll find the full release notes for the Service Pack here.  Visual Studio 2010 changes As Visual Studio is now officially out we now fully support its final version as well as the...
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    Doing your first mock with JustMock

    In this post, i will start with a more traditional mocking example that includes a fund transfer scenario between two different currency accounts using JustMock.
    April 13, 2010
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    Choose JustCode

    Overview JustCode has come quite a long way over the past months, and it shows.  The product is maturing at a very rapid pace to increase the productivity of developers everywhere.  I would like to remind everyone why JustCode rocks :)   We have strived to make JustCode’s UI simple and clear by keeping dialog usage to a minimum, and working to make it flow with your standard development habits.  While it has all the features that developers have come to expect in productivity tools such as navigation, refactoring, generation, formatting, and quick fixes, it also provides many other features. Also, if you...
    April 08, 2010
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    Navigate Quickly with JustCode and Ctrl+Click

    Ctrl + Click is a widely used shortcut for Go To Definition in many development environments but not in Visual Studio. We, the JustCode team, find it really useful so we added it to Visual Studio. But we didn't stop there - we improved it even further. Read on to find the details. With JustCode you get an enhanced Go To Definition. By default you can execute it in the Visual Studio editor using one of the following shortcuts: Middle Click, Ctrl+Left Click, F12, Ctrl+Enter, Ctrl+B. The first usage of this feature is not much different from the default Visual Studio...