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    Telerik OpenAccess ORM – MVC Video Tutorials

    We believe that the fastest way to learn how to use an OpenAccess model in your ASP.NET MVC 3 application is to watch a video tutorial. Therefore we have prepared some videos, guiding your OpenAccess ORM integration in an MVC project step by step.   Of course, there are different approaches to that based on your needs and personal preferences – you might want to use the strong capabilities of our Visual Designer Database-First scenario to create your Domain Model or you can map everything using our Fluent Mapping API. In any case, each of the dedicated video series will guide you through the...
    February 06, 2012
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    Telerik OpenAccess SDK – MVC 3, RAD data binding and more

      As a response to your constant requests for sample projects demonstrating the best practices of using OpenAccess ORM in web projects, we have released some of the new and updated samples before Q1 2012 so that you can benefit from them immediately.   MVC developers will be happy to know that along with the MVC 2 example “MVC Forum”, we are now offering two solutions demonstrating MVC 3 usage with Fluent API or an .rlinq Domain Model – whichever approach you prefer. In addition, you can see an implementation using the Razor view engine as an alternative of the default one. Find the...
    January 30, 2012
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    Putting it All Together – Evolving Conference Junkie for Q3 2011

    First I would like to apologize for the extreme delay in publishing this blog!  I was trying to see if it would be possible to salvage the video recording.  Unfortunately, due to the way I recorded it, audio was not captured properly. With the bad news out of the way, I would like to say, most of the OpenAccess content is covered in a session I did at DevConnections this year, and is available on TTV here.  As for the other topics we covered, feel free to send me an email, and I will do my best to point you...
    December 13, 2011
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    Q3 Data Tools Webinar Wrap Up and Video

    I want to thank everyone that joined me on Monday for the What’s New in Q3 2011 for Data Tools webinar.  We had a lot of great questions, and saw many of the new awesome features available in Telerik Reporting and OpenAccess ORM for Q3.  In such a short time span it is not possible to cover everything; so make sure to stay tuned to my blog, or the team blog.  Over the next few weeks we will cover even more of the awesome Q3 features! For those of you that missed out on the fun, the webinar is now live on Telerik...
    December 02, 2011
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    Telerik OpenAccess ORM Q3 2011 – Connection Pooling in Oracle environments

    With the Q3 2011 release of Telerik OpenAccess ORM we introduced three connection pool types which are explained in this blog post. In this blog post we will have a look at the connection pooling behavior of the Oracle driver and what setting to be used when we want to use Telerik OpenAccess ORM with Oracle databases.   Which setting for Oracle and why? When we want to use Oracle as our backend, it is advisable to use the connection pool type Open Access Connection Pool with OpenAccess Connection Management or the Ado Connection Pool setting. When using one of the two settings, we...
    November 29, 2011