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    Energize your Financial Apps with ChartView for WinForms. Multi-touch Charts Coming Up with Q3 2012

    Financial Charts Do you develop financial applications for WinForms? Do they need a visual boost in terms of financial charts and indicators? If the answers to these two questions are ‘yes’, then you will be definitely eager to meet the improvements in RadChartView coming in the soon-to-be-released Q3 2012. For this release we developed two types of financial series – Candlestick series and OHLC stick series. In addition, to aid the raw stick data, we have added a bunch of financial indicators that will allow end-users to easily visualize the trends exactly the way they want. Touch Support The next feature in the...
    October 11, 2012
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    Get some interactivity from your charts with RadChartView for WinForms

    I guess you are following us closely, so you are aware of the great RadChartView control introduced in Q2 2012 which aims to replace the old RadChart implementation. Today, I would like to introduce two cool RadChartView features and demonstrate how you can engage them. Namely, these features are Trackball and Selection. Trackball So, what is Trackball? Trackball displays a vertical line across the chart plot area and also displays little visual indicators (circles by default) at points where the trackball line crosses the visualization of a series object. For example when the trackball line crosses a line series line segment, a...