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    Two steps installation

    1st click, 2nd click and you are ready to go. These are the steps required to install any Telerik product as of the Q1 2011 release. The idea behind this change is to provide better user experience during installation. To achieve this we have minimized the steps that you have to perform when installing any Telerik product while at the same time we have left the same flexibility to customize what is installed. Let me introduce the new installation workflow: Step 1 On the first dialog you can read the license agreement of the product if you click the Read License Agreement button. By continuing...
    March 21, 2011
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    Telerik AJAX and MVC Q1 2011 official releases

    They are here, so it is time to celebrate with us! The official Q1 2011 Telerik AJAX and MVC packs with a bunch of new components and features are ready to be downloaded by our customers and prospects, hence wait no more! I am going to give a retrospective view of what we delivered for you with the Q1 2011 landmark: Telerik AJAX Q1 2011 bundle Beta announcement (2 new controls, ListView and Scheduler SP 2010 web parts, touch/drag gestures support for mobile devices, improved accessibility) RibbonBar intro (tech glance) MS Help3 documentation (Post Q1 2011 Beta) Recharged online demos look-and-feel Load-on-demand capability for ListBox TreeList footer aggregates RELEASE NOTES Telerik MVC Q1 2011...
    March 16, 2011
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    Q1’11 Pre-Release Series: A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming to the ASP.NET AJAX and MVC Suites with Q1

    In case you missed the news about the recently introduced beta releases of the Telerik ASP.NET AJAX and ASP.NET MVC component suites, this blog post is coming just at the right time to set your expectations about the upcoming first major release for 2011. IE9 RC compliance and enhanced mobile devices support are the two major themes overarching the releases of the Telerik ASP.NET suites. RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, for example, will ship an upgraded TouchScrollExtender and support for touch-and-drag gestures for all controls. Q3 2010 introduced Level A accessibility compliance for all Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC and now the...
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    Telerik MVC Q1 2011 BETA Pack

    We are excited to present you the Q1 2011 BETA release of Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC! For everyone who is eager to know what we cooked for the next major release of the MVC bundle, please read on. In addition to the official ASP.NET MVC 3 RTM and NuGet Package Manager support and the VS Extensions MVC3 project templates we announced with the Q3 2010 SP1 launch, three new extensions are joining the Telerik MVC UI components family: Upload Splitter Slider Furthermore, we enriched the set of Telerik MVC Grid features with some fresh additions like batch editing/updates, group aggregates and group header/footer...
    February 24, 2011
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    Visual Studio Extensions MVC3 support – part 2

    In the previous post we discussed how you could quickly create a new Visual Studio project, configured to use the Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC targeting ASP.NET MVC 3. In this one, we are going to talk about how our Visual Studio Extensions have improved in regards to ASP.NET MVC 3 and the Razor view engine.   A significant amount of the settings the Project Configuration Wizard manages are applied to your master page. In cases where an appropriate master page has not been found, you will be prompted to create a new one:     If your project targets ASP.NET MVC 3, you will be offered an...
    January 21, 2011