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With Q3 2013 the newest member of the Silverlight and WPF suites, leaves the beta behind and steps in a new phase. Now that RadSpreadsheet is shipped in its official version, we decided to give you a short overview of the control’s features. So, here is a list of some of the key strengths and coolest features of RadSpreadsheet, ready for you to take advantage of:

Separation of Document Model and UI

RadSpreadsheet stands on a rich and fast document model that is completely decoupled from UI. This is very convenient for the cases in which you would like to edit the contents of a document, or create a document from scratch without actually visualizing it. This turns the document model of RadSpreadsheet into a perfect solution for server-side scenarios - you can easily import and export xlsx, csv and txt documents without the need for UI.

Integration with RadRibbonView

Even though RadRibbonView is not a part of RadSpreadsheet, you can easily wire them together to give your application a complete look. The spreadsheet control has a mechanism that allows you to plug its commands to any UI effortlessly.

Integrations of RadSpreadsheet with RadRibbonView

Evaluation of Formulas and Over 200 Built-in Functions

The document model of RadSpreadsheet calculates various expressions containing values, arrays, operators, built-in and custom functions, cross worksheet cell references and named ranges. Further, it offers a vast list of built-in functions that fall in the Date and Time, Information, Logical, Math and Trigonometry, Statistical, Text, Financial and Engineering categories. Of course, the model has flexible API that allows you to plug custom functions or modify the behavior of the existing ones.

Use of Built-in Functions in RadSpreadsheet

Number Formatting

The document model of the control lets you present the values of cells in numerous number formats. You can choose among various predefined number formats in the Number, Currency, Accounting, Date, Time, Percentage, Fraction, Scientific, Text and Special categories. RadSpreadsheet also allows you to construct a custom number format from scratch or use a predefined format as a starting point.

Numer Format in RadSpreadsheet 

Styles and Themes

Styles in RadSpreadsheet offer a way to apply common formatting on multiple cells effortlessly. You can use any of the built-in styles that depend on the current theme of the workbook or create your own style from scratch. As you might expect, any changes in a style are automatically reflected in the cell regions where this style is applied. In turn, document themes contain sets of colors and font families that affect styles and determine the whole look and feel of your document. RadSpreadsheet lets you choose among 40 awesome in-built document themes.

Creting Custom Themes in RadSpreadsheet

Automatic Fill of Values

RadSpreadsheet helps you fill data automatically! The control allows you to repeat chosen values or generate series based on already inserted data. You can choose to set up linear, exponential series or create date series based on different date units: day, week, month and year. Another option is the AutoFill which completes quarters, days of the week, months and many more.

Automatic Fill of values in RadSpreadsheet

Support for Names (Named Ranges)

With Q3 2013 RadSpreadsheet introduces support for names. Each name serves as a useful shorthand for a given value and can be viewed as a variable that wraps its value in a meaningful name. This turns the feature into a necessity for many spreadsheet scenarios.

Names (Named Ranges) in RadSpreadsheet

Merged Cells

Using the Merged Cells feature you can remodel the organization of cells in a worksheet. You can easily merge regions of adjacent cells, so that they appear as a single cell spanned over several rows or/and columns.

Merged Cells in RadSpreadsheet 

History and Smart Undo

The control maintains a history stack and tracks all actions taken against its content. RadSpreadsheet automatically adds and removes items from the history, when its commands are executed, but you are allowed to manually work with the history as well. It also exposes friendly API that allows you to group multiple actions into one undo step.

Clipboard Support

You can easily cut, copy and paste the values and formatting of cells and ranges of cells. Apart from these three basic operations, RadSpreadsheet supports seven special paste options that allow you to choose the content and formatting inserted in the paste region. The current options include: All, Formulas, Formulas and Number Formatting, Column Widths, Values, Values and Number Formatting, and Formatting.

Clipboard support for RadSpreadsheet

This is just the tip of the iceberg of features which are present in RadSpreadsheet for WPF and Silverlight. What we did not cover in the list above are numerous functionalities like support for hyperlinks, gradient and pattern fills, all kinds of cell borders, rich cell formatting, find and replace, multiple clear options, context menus, and many more. Check them out at our online demos.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about RadSpreadsheet!

Boryana Goncharenko,
Software Developer at Telerik

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