Hey everyone, start your morning off right by heading to your client account and downloading the new beta releases for RadControls for WPF and RadControls for Silverlight. Or you can start at Telerik Labs and work your way from there. :)

In our RadControls for WPF suite, you now have access to exciting new controls like RadRibbonBar and first looks at the WPF versions of RadMenu and RadContextMenu.  Check out the browser based demo, or better yet download the beta bits and see it for yourself. 

With RadControls for Silverlight, you get updates to RadTileView, RadOutlookBar, RadRibbonBar, and more- all based on community feedback we have received since releasing the first beta in September.  Check out the live demos here and downloads the betas to start playing with the controls.

But of course, since we still have the benefits of a shared codebase between our Silverlight and WPF controls, you can enjoy some of the following improvements across both suites:

  • RadGridView
    • First look at our new Horizontal and Vertical UI virtualization with container recycling
    • GridViewDynamicHyperlink, GridViewHyperlink, and GridViewImageColumns
    • Improved selection behavior through SelectionMode
  • RadChart
  • RadScheduler
    • New default resources provided out of the box
    • Improvements for read only scheduler views
    • New properties to handle brushes in grouping scenarios

But I can't possible list all the new features here, so for more info check out the full release notes to see all the improvements for the Silverlight and WPF betas that you can start playing with.  As always, we value your feedback on these beta releases after all, we put them out for the community to ensure the full releases are top quality and are filled with as many of the features you request and require as possible.

Have fun!

About the Author

Evan Hutnick

works as a Developer Evangelist for Telerik specializing in Silverlight and WPF in addition to being a Microsoft MVP for Silverlight. After years as a development enthusiast in .Net technologies, he has been able to excel in XAML development helping to provide samples and expertise in these cutting edge technologies. You can find him on Twitter @EvanHutnick.


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