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Just a couple of days ago we shipped our July service pack of our WPF and Silverlight controls. As always we worked on numerous improvements and some new features. You can find the detailed list of changes for WPF and Silverlight on our What’s New section but I’ll highlight some of the most important here:

All Controls:

  • WPF and Silverlight controls are VS 2013 ready


  • Extend the DragAndDrop - With Q2 2013 SP in WPF you can drag descriptions and strings directly in your diagramming structures. This operation creates a text shape which enwraps the dropped information. And what is even more, if you need to take the entire content of a text file and use it as a text shape within  a RadDiagram, you can simply drag and drop the file on the diagramming surface. This operation is supported in RadDiagram for Silverlight and WPF. In both cases, the framework will take the content of the dropped text file and create a text shape out of it.
  • Connections creation using tools should be delayed - If you have used RadDiagram in an MVVM solution, then you probably wondered how to get the target shape of a dynamically created connection in your ViewModels. We’re excited to say that we’ve managed to restructure the connections creation implementation so that you can easily find both the source and target shapes of a dynamically created connection in a ViewModel. Now when your users dynamically attach a connection to a shape, if you override the AddLink() method of your GraphSourceBase implementation, you will be able to get both the Source and Target nodes (if such exist) associated with the created link.
  • Added new, lightweight templates for cell and row with reduced visual elements for a faster load time.
  • Added IDistinctValuesFilterDescriptor.DistinctValuesComparisonOperator property to allow the change of the default filter operator used for the distinct values.
  • Extend the SelectionOnFocus to support selecting the position after the last char of the Value.
  • MaskedTextInput in InsertMode the text is now shifted to the right instead of to the left.
  • RadPdfViewer context menu
  • Created PivotChartViewModel for easier integration with RadChartView.
  • We have added IsBetween filter when data in RadPivotGrid is from OLAP Cube. By using it you are able to filter your data only to a specific range. You can use IsBetween when you create Label filter, Value filter or Report filter.
  • RadPivotFieldList - add filter dialog for a group description directly in Row/Columns groups.
  • Exposed GroupDefinitions collection and methods for expanding/collapsing a group in Flat RenderMode.
  • Introduced support for table borders with style Double.
  • Allow insertion of Table of Figures using custom caption label.
  • When Heading is in list, show the list number in the insert cross-reference dialog.
  • Allow to set ZIndex to Special Slots in the SpecialSlotsStyleSelector
  • Introduced validation for sheet name.
  • Added ItemTemplateSelector support
  • Added new, lightweight templates for cell and row with reduced visual elements for a faster load time.
  • Expose IsMouseOver and IsMouseOverHeader properties of the RadTreeViewItem.
  • Implemented a feature to allow disabling and enabling a selected item to be brought into view.
Download the new bits for WPF or Silverlight and give them a try – I am sure you’ll find the new features very useful. 

Please do not hesitate to share your feedback.

About the Author

Hristo Maradjiev

Product Manager,
Telerik XAML Team

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