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Q3 2010 brings more slickness, better performance and new controls to RadControls for Silverlight/WPF to allow you develop your most interactive and richest Line Of Business applications.

The latest major release includes new powerful data visualization controls, Data Virtualization for data-bound controls, supercharged RichTexBox and the most feature-rich and innovative ScheduleView control for WPF.

Sparklines are intense, simple, word-sized graphics that bring context and history to numbers. Adding sparklines to the numbers in any report shows patterns and trends for those numbers, making the report much more useful for the end-user.  

The BulletGraph is extremely useful in dashboards, or just any report, because it allows end-users to see progress, comparison of different measures and ranges at a glance. The BulletGraph is easy to read and takes up small space in a report or a dashboard. 


The RichTextBox adds powerful highly-requested features that bring user experience even closer to the one of MS Word. Your users can now enjoy table support, export to PDF, spell check, context and floating menus.

RadScheduleView for WPF is a brand new component that builds upon the standard Outlook-style scheduler, providing unprecedented control over precision and flexibility when handling appointments. What sets RadScheduleView apart from the other scheduling controls are features such as multi-level grouping, powerful zoom for smart navigation through a large number of appointments and blazing fast scrolling. We are currently working on the Silverlight counterpart of the control and it will publicly appear early next year.

RadChart now features integrated support for hierarchical data. 

Thanks to the new ESRI Shapefiles support feature of RadMap, now you can use the control to display non-geographical information. What is more, you can benefit from Heatmap and Drill-down support, as well as built-in legend.  


RadGridView now adds Expression Column which gives you the ability to calculate and display results of mathematical or logical operations described as LINQ Expression trees. 

The Expression Dark theme is the newest addition to the ready-to-use themes RadControls for Silverlight/WPF ship with. 


You can see the online examples at:

RadControls for Silverlight Demos

RadControls for WPF Demos

To download the installation files you can follow the direct download links.

RadControls for Silverlight Installation Files

RadControls for WPF Installation Files

Full Release Notes can be found at:

RadControls for Silverlight Release Notes

RadControls for WPF Release Notes

Discontinued support for Silverlight 3

As of Q3 2010 we discontinue support for RadControls for Silverlight 3. We have been supporting our Silverlight 3 controls for more than six months after the official release of RadControls for Silverlight 4 to ensure smooth transition between the two versions.

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